My story

Since 2000 I have carried out intensive research on midlife through one to one interviews, through reading widely on the subject and through my professional work with those at midlife and beyond. I am passionate about informing others about this stage of life so that they may avoid the heartache and ill health I experienced in my late thirties as I followed the advice of well-meaning but uninformed health professionals. Although I had been a psychologist for 15 years, when I started to experience depression, anxiety, lethargy and a desire for change in my late thirties I did not have the understandings I have today. As I started to write my own midlife story in my late forties I read over 100 books, mainly psychological ones, not easily accessible to the everyday reader. I discovered why these feelings are normal and in fact important at midlife as they encourage us to go on the significant psychological journey of midlife transition – a journey towards a second half of life full of personal meaning, health and well-being. Since writing this first book I have written two further books and completed a PhD at the University of Melbourne on midlife psychological development in Australia.

Through my books, articles, public speaking, seminars and retreats, my aim is to share my own journey and that of others and couple this with my professional experience to inform you about:

  • Why midlife transition is a vital stage to navigate if you are to make the most of the second half of your life
  • Practices you can bring in to your everyday life to create balance and well-being at midlife
  • The types of activities that will support you at midlife
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