About this book

This powerful, insightful book offers women vital possibilities for meaningful and profound change in how they choose to live the second half of their lives.
Addressing those women 35 and over who are at a crossroads and questioning the multiple aspects of their lives-job, marriage, children-it offers strategies to help them find out what they actually want to do with the next part of their lives and how to achieve their goals. With deep understanding and practical wisdom, it illustrates why it is normal to suffer depression, anger, loss, and doubt in midlife, and emphasizes the importance of embracing these turbulent feelings, rather than ignoring or running away from them. Through shared personal stories, metaphor, dreams, and reflections, and based on a sound psychological framework, women are given a map, complete with all the signposts, to choose their own unique path to a second half of life full of personal meaning, new passions, youthfulness, and creativity.

There is a Reading Group exercise sheet for this book at the Resources Page.
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